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CAB.ENG® provides Professional Drafting & Engineering Services to residential millwork manufacturers, design firms and general contractors.

Our Engineering Support Team Provides:

  • Professional millwork shop drawings for your client’s review.
  • Bill of materials & project reports for procurement.
  • Comprehensive build packets for your production & installation staff.

Our remote Engineering Support Team is based throughout the United States. We are here & ready to help you achieve your goals of providing Professional Millwork Shop Drawings for your client’s review, bill of materials & project reports for procurement, and comprehensive build packets for your production & installation staff.

Our collective experience in most common computer-aided design platforms is complemented by our specialty in effectively utilizing and enhancing the efficiency of the manufacturing software CABINET VISION, by Hexagon.

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Why Our Clients Love Us

In conjunction with our engineering services, we offer pre-made software drafting & engineering efficiency tools as well as manufacturing & software consultation, customization, and training services.

We can help your clients experience custom designs before they’re even built. CAB.ENG® offers 3D Renderings Services including live 3D walkthroughs, images, videos, 360 videos, and virtual reality (VR).

We share your passion for the ultimate success of your business!

“Zeke and CAB.ENG® provides a fantastic service. If your business runs on CABINET VISION, they can provide accurate and comprehensive engineering services through the whole process; submittal to the output phase. Zeke asks all the right questions to make sure he provides shop drawings and CABINET VISION models that match our standards of quality and aesthetics. He works as a design and construction partner to get ahead of the questions during the first drawing round, rather than right before it’s time to cut. Zeke’s many years of CABINET VISION experience has earned him invaluable knowledge of the software. He is a true Super User, and our company’s proficiency with the software has only increased through our collaboration with CAB.ENG®.”

“I recommend Zeke and CAB.ENG® for any engineering or software improvements you have for CABINET VISION software. As the owner of a millwork and cabinet shop, I do not have the time nor the expertise to build some of the complicated UCS’ and some of the other improvements I wanted in CABINET VISION.

I have been impressed with Zeke’s knowledge and more importantly, his can-do attitude toward any problem. His optimism together with his knowledge of CABINET VISION made him the ideal person for the needs I have had and will continue to have in the future. His ability to solve a problem or to build an enhanced UCS in CABINET VISION within a reasonable time and cost has been impressive. I appreciate his punctuality and he is friendly and engaging on a personal level. He can also explain complex things in laymen’s terms.

I will continue to have Zeke work for me in the future and I know he will be a great fit for anyone else that would have need of specialized CABINET VISION support.”

“I started CABINET VISION 2 years ago with no prior training.  CAB.ENG® has helped me gain an understanding of the basics (modifying a cabinet) as well as some more complex user created standards.

Zeke not only has solved many problems we have encountered in CABINET VISION, but has also taught us how to understand those problems and fix them for ourselves in the future.

The one-on-one training and consulting I received from Zeke at CAB.ENG® has been invaluable. I was able to come up to speed with the program far faster than watching any recorded video. The ability to ask questions and have a knowledgeable teacher answer those questions in a clear and concise manner is greatly appreciated.”

“CAB.ENG® helped us achieve the ability to provide higher quality presentation drawings for our customers and more accurate cutlists for our production staff. The knowledge I’ve gained in conjunction with a better software setup has made me much faster in CABINET VISION. Their ongoing support has removed a lot of stress from my life, I would highly recommend CAB.ENG® training services for anyone that is new to CABINET VISION, they can help prevent you from getting into bad habits!”

“Zeke and CAB.ENG® has been an amazing resource for me and my company. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with CABINET VISION support and customization. Every time we interact, I am amazed at Zeke’s knowledge of the CABINET VISION software.”

“We own a high-end custom cabinetry business and have benefited greatly from CAB.ENG® and Zeke’s expertise. It would be hard to imagine someone more skilled and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of CABINET VISION. Our clients are looking for sophisticated one-of-a-kind pieces including entertainment centers, libraries, and kitchen and bath cabinetry. We have relied on Zeke to help us work out complicated designs in CABINET VISION for large and small projects and the result of his work has been flawless. He is patient and maintains a good sense of humor throughout all our interactions.”